Why Us?

Woodcraft Hospitality is a dedicated enterprise: we design and manufacturer exclusively for the hotel industry. Whether your client is building a new hotel, or working through a major renovation, Woodcraft provides stylish guest-room furniture and concierge-like service at very competitive prices.

Our design staff consists of Autocad engineers who collectively have decades of experience in translating client concepts and requirements into model room samples; their expertise has helped us to develop an industry-leading proprietary finishing process that gives our Case Goods extraordinary longevity.

We have aggressively positioned ourselves as a consistent source of resolution confidence for your clients by providing them with:

  • A lead time that’s 20% quicker than the industry standard;
  • A furniture-grade product feel;
  • Superior construction, and premium materials;
  • An exceptional, 7-step, full polyurethane finishing process;
  • An acute, cosmopolitan design sensibility;
  • A five-year warranty; and
  • Delivery in as little as 6 weeks with our Truly Yours program.