The Woodcraft Hospitality Quality Development Philosophy…

…is founded in quality development and execution. The spirit of this approach arose from Woodcraft executive Nathan Pakia’s decades-long experience in quality control in the field of furniture and Case Goods manufacturing; Nathan spend nearly thirty years working with Kimball Hospitality and other companies in the industry.

Nathan came to view quality control as an inefficient, response-based department that needed a problem to emerge before taking an active role in the manufacturing process. What if a company took a more forward-thinking, active approach to quality, by planning for it and executing it as a manufacturing fundamental? Time and materials—that is, money—would be saved during manufacturing, lowing overhead, and making Woodcraft’s client cost-benefit profile extremely attractive.

Under Woon Lee’s and Nathan Pakia’s guidance and leadership, Woodcraft has assembled a team of results-oriented individuals from disparate backgrounds. Each brings their own extensive knowledge & experience in furniture design & finishing to bear for the company, and helping to sustain this philosophy of quality development and execution.