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  • We’re understandably proud of our Park Collection, and we see it becoming a best-seller. Its combination of classic modern and contemporary design influences covers a lot of territory, but it manages its ambitious style beautifully, striking an artful balance between visual complexity and tasteful understatement. The white-capped black nightstands offer pockets of intense contrast, while a series of woodgrain looks brings a hint of complexity and substance to a Park room. This Collection is both soothing and visually compelling, and offers a living style that quietly inspires repeated patronage.
  • Our Roy Collection of case goods envelops patrons in luxurious, earthy softness. A quilted headboard pad, mid-century modern-inspired desk, contrasting vanity design, and a mix of wood tones and quartz finish combine to create a thoughtful, sophisticated living style that is extremely comfortable. Roy’s creative work-space is unusually well executed for a case goods collection. A comfortable desk makes long work sessions far easier, and the modern aesthetic is both inspiring and relaxing. An enlivening space that invites both creative expression and luxurious ease.
  • The warm contemporary living style of our Randolph collection shows our creatives in their best light. Its simple lines establish a relaxed but refined living style, allowing the decorative wall full expression. The dark woodgrain, floating bedframe and nightstands, and television panel with an accent stripe of a Randolph room suggest both SoHo and upscale suburb. The design style of this case goods collection is rounded out by the fabric-covered luggage stand and waterfall workspace of our Randolph combination dresser, while the side table is tailor-made for enjoying relaxing time off during reading or ’net-surfing sessions.
  • Evoking upscale, classic, modern living, our Delaware Collection features figured wood accents and a half-moon design that captivate the eye upon entering the room. The sense of proportion in this case goods design is excellent, giving each room a spacious feel that patrons respond to as relaxing, elegant, and encouraging. Delaware’s living style is gracious and luxurious, classic and youthful. The curved nightstands and linen used for the padded headboard suggest just enough timelessness to feel indulgently escapist, helping to make Delaware one of the more strikingly effective Collections in our carefully crafted line.
  • Our Stockton Collection of case goods represents a complete departure from the mundane. One of our more adventurous designs, a Stockton room is daring, inventive, and refreshingly distinct from the mundane. When entering a Stockton room, the white nightstands and side-table and deco-embellished padded headboard captivate the eye. A daring combination dresser and coffee-table—also finished in white—enhance the contrast in Stockton’s strikingly rejuvenating living style.
  • Woodcraft Hospitality’s Wacker Collection of case goods offers patrons an artistic, subdued living style. Wacker is simultaneously plush and upscale, expressive and understated. This case goods collection includes a unique headboard design: lateral padding below, and a mirror cap draw the eye. Wood and chrome nightstands, a chrome side table, and a padded luggage stand and glossy white inserts with chrome trim augment a Wacker room, establishing a living style that is refined, contemporary, comforting, and just a little bit opulent.
  • Designed for smaller inns and hotels that cater to a more discriminating clientele, our Walton Collection of case goods keeps the emphasis on a tastefully realized luxuriance. The softness of the padded headboard is contrasted perfectly by the dark wood and chrome of the nightstands, suggesting indulgence and coziness, while the white finish of the 6-drawer dresser adds appealing contrast. Walton is a great choice for hotel and inn owners desiring a foundation upon which to build their own uniquely captivating design. It acts as the bedrock for an individual living style expressing leisure, comfort, and the timeless romance of travel.
  • The textural variety of our State case goods design makes it one of our most beautiful and artistically realized collections. One of our most successfully ambitious interiors, this collection features mid-century design influence for a look that will charm the most discerning patron. An arched, highly polished desk, combination dresser/TV cabinet, and desk and nightstands all suggest the artistry and optimism of mid-20th century sensibilities. The results form one of the most compelling case goods collections we’ve seen, an exhilarating blend of wood tones and stylish execution that is remarkably sophisticated and appealing.