Our Story

…begins with two experts in the field: Woon Lee, an experienced and dedicated executive in furniture, fixtures and equipment design and manufacturing; and Nathan Pakia, a hospitality-industry manufacturing authority with fifteen years’ experience as a quality-control manager for one of the largest hotel furniture producers in the world.

The pair met when Lee traveled to Vietnam in 2017. Combining the logistical and mechanical know-how of Lee with the quality-control knowledge of Nathan forms an extraordinarily strong partnership in the field, and an unusually sound foundation for a Case Goods design and manufacturing firm. Lee went into the partnership with the conviction that the manufacturing of highest-quality Case Goods must begin with technical expertise and top-flight manufacturing facilities…and, especially, absolute control of the production process. Nathan, for his part, brought his keen eye for quality, manufacturing consistency, design, and solutions development.

Woodcraft’s strategic headquarters is in Lombard, IL; and it’s factory is in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. At Woodcraft, we exercise full executive control at our factory, and that’s one reason why, in less than two years, we’ve come to represent a new benchmark for the industry. Fate may have brought Lee and Nathan into contact with one another. But the positioning of Woodcraft Hospitality as a Case Goods leader is entirely the effort of these two bright, dedicated people, and the others like them who share their vision for the potential of a Case Goods manufacturing company with full control over all aspects of design, building and finishing of their products.