Product Care & Maintenance Guide

Care of Laminate Surfaces and PVC Edges

Clean with mild soap solution and rinse with clean, clear water. Wipe the entire surface and follow with a clean, dry soft cloth. If grease or oil exist on the surface, use a clean cloth and liquid dish soap that cuts grease such as Dawn. When a wood edge exists, follow instructions found under “Care of Wood Edge and Veneer Surfaces” for edge.

Care of Wood Edges and Veneer Surfaces

Clean all surfaces frequently with lukewarm water dampened soft cloth, moving the cloth with the grain direction.  Buff dry.  Immediately remove any liquids that come in contact with wood surfaces with a blotting action to absorb liquid. Lift objects to move them, never pull them across the finished surface.

Avoid exposure of furniture to extremes of heat and cold, or to wide humidity variances. Avoid exposure of furniture to strong sunlight. Avoid exposure of furniture to harsh solvents (nail polish remover, acetates, etc.), as it will cause finish deterioration.  If using a protective glass top, place spacer pads under the glass top to allow the wood to breath.

Care of Powder Coat and Nickel Surfaces

Clean with a mild soap solutions and rinse with clean, clear water.  Wipe the entire surface and follow with a clean, dry cloth to buff dry.

Care of Chrome Surfaces.

Clean with a wet cloth or window cleaner. For scuff marks or heavy soiling, a non-abrasive automotive chrome polish can be applied as directed.

Maintenance of Mechanical Parts

Clean any lint or debris from the moving parts of the nesting or folding base mechanism.  Do not apply lubricant. Mechanisms have been designed and tested to not require lubrication under normal conditions.