How it works?

Woodcraft Hospitality sells through dealers, procurement agents, design firms, and distributors. contact us directly at [email protected].

Woodcraft Hospitality sells through dealers or procurement companies only. However, during the design and development process, we communicate with all parties involved: the dealer or the procurement company, and the client. When a client is ready to place their order, a Woodcraft Hospitality dealer can submit the order, manage the order project, and arrange for delivery of the order.

For replacement items, please feel free to reach out to your original dealer, or to Woodcraft Hospitality directly. If you do elect to contact us directly, please include your invoice number, the hotel address, and details for the piece or pieces needing replacement (include the item number, the item description, the quantity needed, and delivery information) with your inquiry.

It looks like you’re well on your way to discovering what Woodcraft Hospitality can do for your hotel business. As a next phase, just email us your designer’s concept and Case Goods specifications (and your designer’s contact information, in case we need it).

From there, we’ll have our engineer produce a line drawing for each piece in your design, and send it to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll work up a high-quality furniture and room rendering to give you a view into the completed space; we do this for free. We’ll then revise the line drawing and rendering according to any desired changes.

Once the concept rendering has been green-lit by you, we will go ahead and build the model room. Our pricing structure can include a free model room build, depending on the size of your project.

It’s up to you. For some projects, we recommend it without hesitation. But the model room design and build process adds time and expense to final delivery, and some clients with smaller orders elect to skip it.

In the absence of a model room build, Woodcraft Hospitality suggests a line drawing and rendering, and a single Case Goods sample to give an indication of what the final product will look and feel like (a nightstand makes a great sample item).

The cost of a model room depends entirely on the size of the project/order. Our price structure for model rooms is as follows:

  • If the Case Goods project quote is over $150,000, we’ll build a model room at no charge to you;
  • If the Case Goods project quote is between $100,000 to $149,999, Woodcraft Hospitality will offer you a 50% discount on the model room build at the time the model room order is placed;
  • If the Case Goods project quote is less than $100,000, the full production unit price for the model room will apply. Please bear in mind that our competition routinely charges 2x or 3x the production unit price for a model room build.

The delivery time for a model room build depends on the complexity of the design—the number of pieces involved in the collection, and the lead time required for the COM materials (fabric, accessories, etc.) to be delivered to our factory. Assuming there’s no delay in our acquisition of the COM materials, the following schedule generally applies:

  • 4 to 6 pieces of furniture: 15-20 days
  • 7 to 10 pieces of furniture: 20-28 days

That depends on whether you are ordering Custom Collection or Branded Collection Case Goods. Woodcraft Hospitality’s cooperative working process is a bit different depending on the collection desired. You can find out more in our ‘Guide to Working with Woodcraft Hospitality.

Why our products?

That depends on the usage context. As with other aspects of our Case Goods design and manufacturing process, we flexibly alter our approach depending on where and how the piece will be used; for example, we use moisture resistant plywood for our vanities, in order to give them the best possible durability in hotel room baths.

For cosmetic appeal on horizontal surfaces, we suggest branded HPL (Formica, Wilsonart), or natural or synthetic stone (including Quartz, GE Stone, and Granite); for vertical surfaces, we recommend natural wood veneers (walnut, cherry, maple, birch, and others). We use Sherwin Williams paint exclusively for all our finishing.

Because of the type of HPL used, and because the color and texture of the veneer or veneers you choose will dramatically affect the living style of the room, we suggest speaking with your designer to sound out a cohesive, appealing look that will remain relevant for many years.

For most guest rooms, we recommend particle board or MDF. Particle board is less expensive, but MDF has better staying power; if you desire a long-term guest room design solution, MDF might be the better choice.

For baths, we recommend only moisture resistant plywood. It is the only product we use that is specifically designed to withstand the humidity of the bathroom case goods usage context, and it’s extremely durable in that context.

Woodcraft Hospitality put extraordinary effort into this aspect of our Case Goods manufacturing process: we developed a proprietary, 7-step, full polyurethane finish just for our products.

Most of your furniture will be delivered assembled; generally speaking, only headboards and floating nightstands will require installation.

Woodcraft Hospitality instructions will be provided to your general contractor or installer in advance of your case goods order delivery, so they can familiarize themselves with the tools and methods needed for fast, successful installation.

For best results and longest life of your custom Woodcraft Hospitality case goods, please refer to the Woodcraft Cleaning Guide. It will tell you everything you need to know about getting the most out of your order.

The most common veneers are walnut, birch, maple, cherry, ash, oak, and teak. If you’re interested in another, though, please ask your Woodcraft Hospitality dealer to see if it’s available. We’ll be happy to oblige any client’s customization details if we can.

That depends on the application: the expected usage profile, and the kind of living style you’d like to achieve in your guest spaces. If cost is of lesser concern, then buying imported hardwood with a select grain may be called for.

Generally, though, locally sourced hardwoods are less expensive, hard-wearing, and beautiful; Poplar is abundant in Vietnam, for example, and it makes a terrific case goods material.

To keep your custom Woodcraft Case Goods looking new, and in order to ensure their ultimate longevity as attractive service fixtures, please refer to our Woodcraft furniture cleaning guide. There you will find all information needed on cleaning products, schedule, and best practice methods.

What is our commitment?

Our standard warranty is five years, limited. But please refer to our warranty policy for specific details, and feel free to contact us at [hotlink ‘[email protected]’?] if you have unresolved questions. We’ll be happy to get back to you.

The best way to avoid asking this question is to carefully refer to the installation instructions provided by us before and during installation! But, if you still need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at (630) 984-4703. We’ll take care of the issue right away.

Woodcraft works with dealers whose specialty are in pre and post sales service. The dealer who you buy the furniture from is your first point of contact for any issue with the order. Our dealers are in close communication with us for any post sales service matters. Together we will provide you a remedy on your challenges at the timely matter.

Woodcraft Hospitality is dedicated to long-term customer relations. We’ve built our company on an ideal of longevity: durable, attractive products, and service that leads to an ongoing relationship between our company and the brands and hotels we supply. So, we work specifically with dealers and procurement companies who feel the same way, and specialize in full service at all phases of the client-provider relationship.

We are very aware at how valuable your time is, and how essential it is that your customers receive the best possible experience during their stay. If you do have any issue at all with your order, please begin the resolution process by contacting your dealer. They will contact us, and together we will provide you with a solution in a timely manner.

Want to know more about us?

No member of our team arrived at Woodcraft Hospitality without considerable on-the-job experience in the field of furniture design and/or manufacturing, engineering or logistics, or management. Our company team collectively represents almost four centuries of professional expertise and accumulated best-practices knowledge.

Poor quality comes from ill-advised, fly-by-night, or severe cost-cutting during manufacturing. We believe that quality control is a symptom-based approach that puts a band-aid on potentially severe manufacturing issues. It’s a short-term solution, and we’re not interested in short-term solutions.

Woodcraft Hospitality believes in building quality, beginning with pre-production planning and methodology. We engineer quality, and ensuring it by closely monitoring every step of the process, from initial rendering to finishing. Every Woodcraft case goods item that is delivered arrives with our reputation intact.

Please read “Our Story” on the contact page.

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