Our Story

…begins with two experts in the field: Woon Lee, a seasoned businessman with over 17 years of direct experience in case goods sales and customer needs; and Nathan Pakia, a hospitality-industry manufacturing and quality control expert with 15 plus years’ experience working for one of the largest hotel furniture producers in the world.

They first met in 2017, and found their values and visions aligning from the very beginning of their collaboration. Combining over 30 years of deep expertise – in understanding the case goods market, design needs and best manufacturing practices – they established their first facility with a state of the art quality control processes in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam the same year. Their end to end commitment delivers top of the line case goods in impeccable designs. While Nathan tracks the pulse on every aspect of manufacturing and technology, Lee guides the case goods design and quality needs to exceed their customer expectations.

Woodcraft Hospitality is headquartered in Addison, IL, and in less than two years, has gained reputation of a strong upcoming player in the case goods industry.

Why Us?

At Woodcraft Hospitality we design and manufacturer exclusively for the hotel industry. Whether your client is building a new hotel, or working through a major renovation, we provide stylish guest-room furniture and concierge-like service at very competitive prices.

Our design staff consists of AutoCAD engineers who collectively have decades of experience in translating client concepts and requirements into model room samples; their expertise has helped us to develop an industry-leading proprietary finishing process that gives our case goods extraordinary longevity.

We have aggressively positioned ourselves as a consistent source of resolution confidence for your clients by providing them with our C.R.A.F.T. customer promise.

Woon Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Woodcraft Hospitality CEO Woon Lee, graduated with a bachelors in computer science from Iowa State University. He began his career as a software engineer but after a couple of years found himself gravitating towards business ownership – something ingrained in his family DNA. Eventually, he switched his career to sales and worked for a major FF&E company for over 13 years. Through his drive and smarts, he established a strong reputation amongst his peers and customers for being a solution provider to their questions and challenges. His commitment to learn every aspect of business thoroughly helped him develop a deep understanding of case goods customers’ needs as well as full supply chain integration to deliver those needs.

In early 2017, he launched Woodcraft Hospitality – a business dedicated to establish a new mark of excellence for case goods in the hospitality industry. His relentless commitment to this vision has helped him attract an amazing team of professionals across continents – a team that is committed to delivering its customer promise.

Lee loves to travel, spending time with family and learn something new everyday!

The Woodcraft Hospitality Quality Development Philosophy…

…is founded in quality development and execution. The spirit of this approach arose from Woodcraft executive Nathan Pakia’s decades-long experience in quality control in the field of furniture and Case Goods manufacturing; Nathan spend nearly thirty years working with Kimball Hospitality and other companies in the industry.

Nathan came to view quality control as an inefficient, response-based department that needed a problem to emerge before taking an active role in the manufacturing process. Instead, he took a more forward-thinking, active approach to quality, by planning for it and executing it as a manufacturing fundamental. And the resources saved in this process get directed to other costs, making Woodcraft’s client cost-benefit profile extremely attractive.

Under Woon Lee’s and Nathan Pakia’s guidance and leadership, Woodcraft has assembled a team of results-oriented individuals from disparate backgrounds. committed to sustain this philosophy of quality development and execution.